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Caring for elderly patients – Back Pain in Focus

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Back pain is very common in the elderly. Age-related changes within the spinal tissues, osteoarthritis,   and general weakness of the musculoskeletal system can lead to pain and discomfort in the back, particularly of the lumbar region. Moreover, the lack of activity and various comorbidities only add to the problem and make back pain even more difficult to tackle in this patient population.

Care staff have an important role to play in helping patients understand back pain, provide relevant information, and support in the process of recovery.

There is therefore a need for care staff to have  good understanding of different types of back pain and what strategy and approach might be utilized to help sufferers.


Who is the training for


This is a specialist training for  Rehabilitation Assistants, Care Assistants, Live – in Carers, Nurses, and Support Workers. It is expected care staff will have some knowledge of human anatomy and principles of human movement.

This is a more in-depth training module to enhance the understanding and knowledge of back pain, rehabilitation, and exercises that can be used in daily practice in care settings.


What will be covered


  • Anatomy and Function of the spine and pelvis, connections with the neck, upper and lower extremities
  • Pain – the nature of the beast; what is causing it, why do we feel it and what makes it worse
  • Back pain – it is not only about therapy; multifaceted approach to rehabilitation
  • Back Pain – causes, signs, clinical presentation, treatment
  • Back Pain – anxiety and stress caused by pain; strategies to help patients
  • Back Pain – exercises that may help; stability, strength, pain-reduction
  • Back Pain – preventing back pain; strategies


Learning outcomes


Following training, care staff will be equipped in relevant skills  to distinguish different causes of back pain, be able to employ various strategies to help patients in pain, and provide advice on simple yet effective exercises to prevent back pain




8 hrs with two 20 minute coffee breaks and 45 minute lunch break




£79 per person ( includes training material, consultant’s time, certificates on completion)



Marek Czeladzki; I am a Chartered Physiotherapist and Master Myoskeletal Therapist. I have been working in the NHS since 2008. Currently, I work as a Physiotherapy Team Lead and support patients in the community. I also run a private back pain clinic – Physio-Soton.


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