ultrasound scan

Scanning over 140 patients in 3 days!

Ultrasound scanning 

Between 9-10 November 2023 I was working in Lithuania with radiologist, Prof. Rutkauskas. We were joined by Nanja, another physio colleague from Holland. We scanned over 140 patients with musculoskeletal problems at four different locations. 

Interesting cases:

  • Intertendinous tear of the peroneous brevis tendon
  • Muscle atrhrophy with fat infiltration
  • Numerous cases of tendinosis
  • Gouty crystal deposits in the patellar tendon
  • Scanning for hip dysplasia in babies using Graf method
  • Synovial proliferation within wrist and elbow – suggestive of rheumatological disorder
  • Ganglion compressing the ulnar nerve in the Guyon cannal
  • Scanning and measurments of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel syndrome 
  • Rupture of the peroneal retinaculum 
  • Tennosynovitis within the wrist
  • De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis ( 1st extensor compartment)

I will be going back in December to do more scanning.


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