Physiotherapy for seniors southampton

Physiotherapy for seniors

We provide physiotherapy either in clinic or in the comfort of your home.


physio for elderly


We help patients with the following conditions:


Dementia and frailty

Exercise can promote mental activity, joint mobility, muscle strength, and balance. We can also work with family carers to teach them how to safely move and support a frail person.



If you have had a fall, a physio can help you improve your muscle strength and balance. Research has shown that if a physio is part of the medical team helping an older person after a fall, the risk of a fall happening again drops by up to 55%.



Rehabilitation after broken bones, particularly common ones such as a fractured hip or wrist, is very important to get you back to your normal abilities.


Musculoskeletal complaints

We treat lower back pain, neck pain, knee pain, hip pain, and pain from other joints, ligaments, and muscles.



If you suffer from weakened bones, exercise programs to strengthen the back muscles and encourage weight-bearing and aerobic activities can promote improvements in bone density.


Osteoarthritis and other arthritic conditions

We assess painful joints and give advice on how to maintain joint movement and strength. We help you with pain management, set up an activity schedule, show you how to walk correctly, and advise on the use of walking aids.

Urine incontinence

This is a very common problem. And with age it becomes even more troublesome. There are appropriate exercises that might be helpful; we can explain and demonstrate them to you. Find out more about urine incontinence. 


Parkinson’s disease

Physiotherapy can improve arm function, posture, walking, and balance through exercise. This can make your movements easier, safer, and more controlled.



We treat the paralysis, muscle spasms, postural control loss, and functional difficulties that you might suffer from after a stroke


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