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Balance Training

If you are thinking to improve your balance and boost confidence, we can help.

Poor balance is the main factor leading to a fall. This can result in a fracture, injury, and unnecessary hospitalization. Elderly patients in particular find it difficult to get back to normal functioning after a fall.

Balance and aging

Many patients feel extremely frustrated and stressed about balance problems and vertigo. Not knowing what is causing it only adds to the frustration. According to the National Institute of Aging thre are a few common causes of balance issues. Here they are:

Medications – it is always worth discussing your mediactions with your GP. It may be that reducing a dose or finding an alternative will all that is required for you to start feeling better.

Inner ear problems – a common cause of dizziness. A labyrynth is part of the inner ear and when it gets inflamed it may cause dizziness as it is responsible for balance. Is changing position in bed or turning your head causing dizziness? Have it check by your doctor or physiotherapist.

At Physio Soton we help patients with this type of dizziness by applying so called Epley Manouver.


Other medical conditions such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, problems with vision, thyroid, nerves, or blood vessels can also cause dizziness and balance problems.

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Balance assessment

The Berg Balance Scale is helpful in assessing patients’ balance through 15 different, yet relatively straightforward, activities such as standing, picking up objects, transfers from sit to stand and turning.  It does not include gait assessment and takes around 20 minutes to complete.

For each activity patient receives points from 0-4 where 4 indicates high level of function. Score of 56 and above means there is very low risk of falling. However, for patients scoring less than 45 points there is an increased risk of a fall and injury.


Tips to reduce risk of falling

Balance Training with Physio-Soton

We provide community physiotherapy and rehabilitation for people of all ages having difficulties with balance, gait, and transfers.

Physiotherapy and balance training can help you avoid falls in the future.

We provide the following forms of training that may be beneficial to you:

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