MMT for back pain

Becoming Master Myoskeletal Therapist!

I am so pleased I have managed to complete all training towards the MMT Diploma. Fifteen months went by so quickly! To my excitement, the Diploma has just arrived and now awaits a silvery frame! 🙂

I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey and reaching another milestone in my career! I am very grateful to all of you from the Freedom From Pain Institute (FFPI), Aubrey Gowing, Allison Kavanagh, Mal Williams and my training colleagues.

As a Physiotherapist and manual therapist, I am a great fan of hands-on approach (can’t imagine treating patients in any other way!). I also enjoy learning new things and improving what I do. There is always scope for improvement 🙂

I first came across Erik Dalton and MAT in late 2018 while watching Erik’s YouTube videos. I watched with great interest and knew straight away this is something for me. It inspired me to explore it further and find out more about the concept. Within days I decided to embark on a fantastic journey of professional development and commence studies with the FFPI. It was easy to make that decision given a wide array of powerful and very helpful techniques I could learn. And science underpinning the method was the icing on the cake!

I enjoyed studying online and workshops in London and Mullingar. During face-to-face training I could consolidate my knowledge, manual skills, and meet like-minded therapists.

The whole process of training was so straightforward and simple. What was really good was that I could always go back to training material online and brush off the skills I had learnt. Even now, since all the material sits safely on my account, I can always go back and do a quick refresher or two.

I use MAT with all my patients and the techniques receive a lot of positive feedback. Thus far, I have not found a better, and more effective way of tackling patients pain and improving their quality of life. Patients regularly comment on how good these techniques feel.

Training completion and MMT does not mean I can now rest on laurels, quite to the contrary. It is an encouragement for me to carry on with learning!

I am so glad I could train and study with you! Thank you All again!

Marek Czeladzki, PT, MMT


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