Dziekuję za odwiedziny mojej dwujęzycznej strony. Jestem fizjoterapeutą od 2004 roku. Obecnie pracuję dla angielskiej służby zdrowia jako fizjoterapeuta i prowadze własną praktykę fizjoterapii w Southampton. Pomagam pacjentom z problemami układu ruchu, szczególnie bólem pleców. Ukończyłem liczne szkolenia i cały czas się rozwijam. Zapraszam do odwiedzenia mojego blogu i lektury postów. Pozdrawiam serdecznie. Marek Czeladzki
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  • Posture, Pain, Performance – with Dr Erik Dalton, Freedom From Pain Institute (USA)
  • Technique Tour – with Dr Erik Dalton, Freedom From Pain Institute (USA)
  • Abdomen, Spine and Pelvis – with Aubrey Gowing, University College of Osteopathy, London
  • The Athletic Shoulder – with Dr Ian Horsley, Lymington
  • Shoulder, Arm and Hand – Mayoskeletal Techniques with Dr Erik Dalton, Freedom From Pain Institute (USA)
  • Advanced Myofascial Techniques and Myoskeletal Alignment for the Shoulder, Neck & Head – with Aubrey Gowing and Til Luchau, Mullingar (Ireland)
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  • Ribs, thorax, abdomen and peripheries – Osteopathic approach in pregnancy- with Miranda Clayton, London School of Osteopathy
  • Motion is Lotion – Mayoskeletal Techniques with Dr Erik Dalton, Freedom From Pain Institute (USA)
  • Mayoskeletal Alignment Techniques with Aubrey Gowing, University College of Osteopathy, London
  • Treating Trapped Nerves (MAT) with Dr Erik Dalton, Freedom From Pain Institute (USA)
  • Dynamic Lower Body, Low Back, Hip and Leg Pain with Dr Erik Dalton, Freedom From Pain Institute (USA)
  • Clinical Applications Day with Miranda Clayton, London School of Osteopathy
  • Lumbar Spine Imaging with Chris Mercer, London
  • The Knee – Advanced Practice Course – with Jessica Gent, MACP, BMI Hospital,
  • GuildfordThe Art. of MAT (Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques) with Dr Erik Dalton and Paul Kelly, Freedom From Pain Institute (USA)
  • Treating Shock, Trauma and Birth Interventions with Miranda Clayton, London School of Osteopathy
  • Postpartum Mum – treating the postnatal patient with Miranda Clayton, London School of Osteopathy
  • Treating Feeding & Digestive Disorders in the Newborn & Baby with Miranda Clayton, London School of Osteopathy
  • Upper Body – Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT) with Erik Dalton, Freedom from Pain Institute
  • The Spinal Care Revolution with Prof. Eyal Lederman, London
  • Treating the Pregnant Patient with Miranda Clayton, London School of Osteopathy
  • Harmonic Technique – Prof. Eyal Lederman, London
  • Physiotherapy Management of Temporomandibular Disorders – ACPTMD -Wymondham, Norfolk
  • Certificate Course in Medical Acupuncture – OMT Training – Cambridge
  • Anterior Knee Pain – Dr Lee Herrington- Lymington
  • Mulligan Manual Therapy Concept – Part C – Thomas Mitchell – Sheffield
  • Mulligan Manual Therapy Concept – Part B – Thomas Mitchell – Exeter
  • MSK Physiotherapy Upper Limb – Dr Dean Philips – Lyndhurst
  • Diploma in Osteopathic Articulation – OMT – London
  • Mobilization of the Neuroimmune system – Timothy Beams (NOI) – Croydon
  • Spinal Manipulation – John Gibbons – Oxford University Sport
  • Mulligan Manual Therapy Concept – Part A – Thomas Mitchell- Exeter
  • Advanced Soft Tissue Technique Master-Class – John Gibbons -Oxford
  • Know Pain – Dr Mike Stuart – Lymington
  • The Shoulder  Complex does not have to be complicated– Adam Meakins – Dartford
  • MSK Course: Neck and upper thoracic spine – Dr Dean Phillips – Lyndhurst
  • The Complete Spinal Manipulation – Impulse Physio – Bath
  • Lower Limb Tendinopathy – Dr Seth O’Neil – Lymington
  • Therapeutic Massage – Dr Jacek Lewandowski – Poznan, Poland
  • MSc  Physiotherapy – AWF Poznan, Poland




Fizjoterapia i masaż lecznczy pomagają przywrócić funkcje mięśni i stawów w przypadku urazu, kontuzji czy w okresie pooperacyjnym. Przeczytajcie więcej tutaj (...)

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Terapia Manualna

Terapia Manualna to bardzo skuteczna metoda w walce z bólem mięśni i stawów. Stosowana jest w przypadku rożnych jednostek chorobowych.

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Masaż Terapeutyczny

Masaż jest metodą stosowaną w terapii mięśni, powięzi, ścięgien i więzadeł. Potrafi bardzo skutecznie zmniejszyć ból i przywrócić prawidłowe napięcia mięśniowe.

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Neuro - Fizjoterapia

Oferujemy rehabilitację po udarze, uszkodzeniu nerwów i w chorobach neurologicznych. W terapii korzystamy z wielu technik, które mają przyśpieszyć powrót do zdrowia.

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Ultrasound Therapy

We use therapeutic ultrasound for treating chronic pain and promoting tissue healing. It may be appropriate to use in the following conditions: carpal tunnel syndrome shoulder pain, including frozen shoulder tendonitis ligament injuries joint tightness It has two main effects on tissues: generates deep heat and increases circulation causes cavitation – contraction and expansion of microscopic […]

Back pain in children

We help patients with back pain in our physiotherapy clinic in Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh. Visit our home page to find our more about us.   Back pain in children – what you will learn   I hope this blog post will be of some help to parents and other caregivers who may be concerned about […]

Introducing ultrasound to physiotherapy practice

Ultrasound is a quick and very safe examination. It is very helpful in diagnosing so called extra-articular problems ( outside the joint) within soft tissue ( ligaments, tendons, muscles, bursae, nerves, joint capsule). It can also highlight issues in superficial bone structures ( cortical changes).  

Massage workshop

What a fantastic group of students that was! We covered techniques of therapeutic massage and fascial release for the upper extremity during this one – day workshop on 5 December 2021. Next workshop in March 2022. Are you interested in learning massage but do not know anything about it, or lack experience? Join us next […]


Recent ultrasound training at the Brunel University only fuelled my interest in further education in the field of medical sonography. MSK (musculoskeletal) Ultrasound uses sound waves to produce pictures of muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and joints throughout the body. There are no side effects and no radiation that patients are exposed to. Medical ultrasound […]

Ultrasound training

I will commence studies is MSK (musculoskeletal) ultrasound at the Brunel University in November. This is the start of a great adventure for me! Ultrasound is a very helpful diagnostic tool in musculoskeletal injuries i.e. injuries of muscles, tendons and ligaments. It can help especially in case of a suspected injury outside a joint. It […]

All about massage

I have been practicing massage therapy in Southampton for the last 17 years, and find it an invaluable tool in physiotherapy. In my practice, I offer three types of massage; relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, and sports massage. Blending it with manual therapy and various other concepts can be very powerful. I use it frequently in […]

Therapeutic Massage Workshop

A therapeutic massage workshop took place on 15 May 2021 in Portswood, Southampton. A very talented group of students was learning basic massage techniques for the upper back, neck and shoulders  We are meeting again in September when we will be learning techniques for the lower extremities. Please get in touch should you wish to […]

Shoulder Physiotherapy in Southampton

Shoulder Physiotherapy in Southampton   Shoulder joints are very complex. There are so many different structures that can be a source of pain. Radiological findings (MRI, x-ray, or ultrasound) are not always that helpful as diagnostic tools. Special tests that clinicians sometimes use are not that special either. There are over 200 special tests and […]

Craniosacral therapy in Southampton

The concept of the craniosacral system, its pathological significance and healing capabilities, was first recognized over 50 years ago. This concept of dynamic activity involves cranial bones, meningeal membranes, cerebrospinal fluid, the intracranial vascular system, the movement of body fluids and the function of total body connective tissues. Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a fantastic way […]

Sciatica Pain

I see many patients with sciatica in my Southampton clinic. Sciatica symptoms are quite easy to recognize. When sciatica hits, one can hardly move. The pain can be excruciating but different people will experience it in different ways. Most sufferers recover within 6 weeks, but pain may take even longer to resolve. Sciatica affects between […]

Physiotherapy in Southampton

I have been providing physiotherapy in Southampton since 2008. During that time I have focused on developing skills in order to provide top class therapy.  The way I work is through manual therapy, osteopathic techniques, myofascial alignment techniques, and therapeutic massage.  There is a massive of overlap in what I do with other types of […]

Vertigo symptoms and rehab exercises

Vertigo symptoms can be really distressing.  They can make you wonder if there is something seriously wrong with your health.  Let’s take a look at vertigo a bit closer.   What is vertigo?   Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is one of the most common causes of vertigo as it affects roughly 50% of people […]

Becoming Master Myoskeletal Therapist!

I am so pleased I have managed to complete all training towards the MMT Diploma. Fifteen months went by so quickly! To my excitement, the Diploma has just arrived and now awaits a silvery frame! 🙂 I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey and reaching another milestone in my career! I am very grateful to all […]

Reduce pain, lose weight, be happier

Pain can be a serious joy – killer. It can (and very often does) turn your life into misery. But there is hope. There is always something you can do about it. I am not a big fan of medications and taking pills. I think we reach for pain-killers too often and put too much […]

Back pain relief and self-help tips

When it comes to back pain relief and prevention there are a few tips I always give to my patients. Take a look and see if you can help yourself     Other articles

Frozen Shoulder Physiotherapy in Southampton

Frozen shoulder is a mysterious condition. Unlike other injuries, it develops when you have not been moving your joint frequently enough. It is the only joint in the body that will seize up like that. It mainly affects people aged 40 and above. Roughly 0.75% of people will suffer from it at some point (it […]

Physiotherapy in Southampton: Lower back pain and high heels

Physiotherapy in Southampton: Lower back pain and high heels   High heels are popular and some women can’t imagine going to a party or attend an important event wearing any other type of shoes. But by wearing high heels you weaken the body’s kinetic chain. Do not get me wrong. Walking is a fantastic way […]

Low back pain and walking

Back pain is very common. You are likely to have it at least once in your lifetime. In some cases it can lead to serious disability and affect the quality of life for a long time.  This is why I am a big fan of all the things that can prevent back pain or reduce pain.

Ankle Sprain and Rehabilitation

An ankle sprain is very common. It is actually one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries (second most common in sport). It is an injury that occurs when you roll, twist or turn your ankle in an awkward way. Oftentimes it happens when you play sport, step off the pavement or walk down the stairs. […]

Neck pain and when to see a doctor?

Neck pain   We rarely think about the neck. Why should we? There is no need for that unless it gives us some grief. It is supposed to keep our head straight and in the right position, right?  The neck is, in a way, like a connection between the head and the trunk. It is […]

Soleus muscle and pain in the calf

Are you into running but suffer from the painful and tight calf? Do you think this may actually stop you in your tracks and prevent from progressing? Or maybe you finished your race with an excruciating pain in your calf? If your answer is yes to any of those questions, this article is for you. […]

Groin pain and when to call a doctor

  Pain in the groin occurs often with other problems such as back or abdominal pain. It is often associated with sports injuries, especially to adductors muscles but, it may also be a sign of other conditions. If your groin has been hurting you for a while, you need to find out why. Diagnosing groin […]

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at Home

 I help patients with musculoskeletal and  neurological conditions Each session lasts at least 40 minutes Therapy may include: osteopathic techniques, manual therapy, therapeutic massage, mayofascial techniques, active and passive exercises, joints mobilizations, help with walking, transfers and strength and balance exercises Appointments are scheduled between 11:00 – 19:00, Monday to Friday Number of sessions Price […]

Physiotherapy Southampton – an interview with Aubrey Gowing and Til Luchau

Physiotherapy Southampton – an interview with Aubrey Gowing and Til Luchau Mayofascial therapy – I had a great opportunity to do training with fantastic teachers – Aubrey Gowing and Till Luchau. In a spare moment I asked them a few questions and thought it may be useful to share it with you here. Enjoy!   

Back Pain and Trapped Nerves

Back pain can have many sources. And it is not always about muscles , joints, tendons, discs or ligaments. A nerve entrapment is also a common occurance leading to the loss of muscular fuction, sensation and pain. Very often pain arises from nerves originating in the neck, low back and the sacrum. Pain radiating to […]

Back pain and driving

Is there a link between the two? Before we answer this question, it is worth taking a look at some statistics. Is back pain common? Back pain is a very common health problem. A big research study from 2010 found that lower back pain is the biggest cause of disability. It affects almost 10% of […]

Upper Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

I see many patients with the upper back, neck and shoulder pain and tightness. Shoulders are particularly well known for accumulating stress and getting tense and achy.

Physiotherapy in Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS)

I see patients with various back problems; some are relatively easy to manage, others, however, fall outside my scope of practice and competence. Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is one of those conditions where physiotherapy has an important role to play in combination with pharmacological options. What is AS? First of all, it is a chronic, rheumatological, […]

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Co mówią o nas Pacjenci. Sprawdź ich opinie o Physio-Soton.

I had a really good treatment. Made me feel much better. Shoulder pain all gone! Would highly recommend. Will definitely be making a future visit!

Shehzad Khan

Google Reviewer

Extremely knowledgeable – the treatment advice Marek offered helped ease the shoulder pain I had been experiencing. Would recommend.

Andrew Trousdale

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Since Marek started at Pinnacle the response has been incredible! Very knowledgeable very professional and a joy to work with!!

Andrew McGhee

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