Choosing the right bed mattress and avoiding back pain

Czy masz dobry materac do spania?


It has long been known that a good, stiff mattress is essential in the prevention and treatment of back pain. We spend about 1/3 of our lives in bed, so the shape of our spine while sleeping is important. And it’s not small. Sometimes, just changing the mattress will make the pain go away. That’s why it’s worth investing and buying a good mattress.

How to check if you have a good mattress that will protect against stiffness and back pain? It’s simple and takes just a few seconds. Literally! 🙂

1. Lie on your back on the mattress, do not use a pillow; remember to breathe and do not raise your head.

2. Try to put your hand between the mattress and the lumbar spine. Just above the buttocks.

Test results:

Mattress too soft – You can’t put your hand under your back. This is only possible after lifting the buttocks. Sleeping on such a mattress is not good for your back. The curvatures of the spine are not preserved. Don’t be surprised if your back hurts in the morning, during the day or you are sleep-deprived. Think about changing your mattress and do it today. Investing in a sleeping mattress is an investment in your health!

Mattress too hard – The hand easily fits between the back and the mattress and can be moved easily. It rarely happens that the mattress is too hard, but it cannot be ruled out. Sleeping on such a mattress will be similar to sleeping on the floor.

The mattress passed the test – You can put your hand under your back, but there is not much room to move it. Congratulations! 🙂 You have a good mattress that is probably good for your back. If your back hurts, a different mattress is unlikely to help.

Do you need advice on choosing a mattress? Don’t know how to perform the above test? Call Physio Soton – 07835224603 or visit our website at

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