Back pain in cold weather

Back pain and cold weather, barometric pressure, depression.

Cold weather and depression – these factors may lead to back pain and increased sensitivity of spinal tissues. Several factors play a role when it comes to depression and low mood; there are ways of tackling this problem through exercise and medicine. It is also worth trying natural substances such as turmeric

There is no scientific evidence, however, linking back pain with barometric pressure. We know though that some people can sense weather changes in their backs.

Cold will reduce blood supply to soft tissues such as muscles, ligaments and tendons thereby restricting movement in spinal joints and putting a strain on your spine. It may also affect spinal nerve roots.

Two Scandinavian studies were conducted in recent years (one on almost 135000 construction workers) that do prove a link between cold weather and issues with the back. So keep warm once the summer is over!

Here is an interesting article that you may like to read on the subject.


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