Back Pain and Trapped Nerves

Back pain can have many sources. And it is not always about muscles , joints, tendons, discs or ligaments. A nerve entrapment is also a common occurance leading to the loss of muscular fuction, sensation and pain. Very often pain arises from nerves originating in the neck, low back and the sacrum.

Pain radiating to the the arm, forearm and hand may indicate a problem with one of three main nerves in the upper extremity; the ulnar nerve, radial nerve or median nerve. A few diagnostic tests may help distinguish between vascular involvment and nerve entrapment. Due to our sedentary lifestyles, we may develop so called upper crossed syndrom. This may result in many conditions including: upper back pain, thoracic outlet syndrome, shoulder pain, impingments, neck pain.

In the lower body, the three main nerves frequently entrapped are the sciatic nerve, obturatory nerve and femoral nerve. Pain radiating down the leg, pins and needles, pain on bending forward – all these may indicate a problem with nerve entrapment.

At Physio – Soton, we often start therapy with prep of soft tissue around the nerves using excellent mayo-fascial techniques and follow that with specialist neuro techniques.

Treating peripherial nerves can be tricky and may take some time. It is key for a therapist to know functional anatomy, select the right techniques and involve patient in treatment.

Mayofascial and mayoskeletal techniques of Dr Erik Dalton from the Freedom From Pain Institute are very useful in treating entrapped nerves and back pain issues hence we use them a lot in our practice.


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