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Ted Danson's BossTed Danson's Boss
15:39 17 May 24
Nick HainesNick Haines
21:10 16 May 24
Marek saw me short notice during a time I couldn’t walk properly though back pain. He massaged my back and stretched me. It was a very deep massage but I can feel the difference. He was very honest and over two sessions I was feeling much looser and with some rest I am now pain free. Highly recommended. Thank you for your help.
Marzena SzczepanskaMarzena Szczepanska
10:26 01 May 24
Highly recommended. I had an initial assessment and scan of my injured ankle. Marek listened carefully; extremely knowledgeable and indepth consultation. The scan was followed by session with Piotr. Piotr is just fantastic; excellent care and attention. Provided outstanding session and great follow up advice.I feel much better already after just one session and can't wait for more.
Peggy HaywardPeggy Hayward
06:52 23 Apr 24
After great consideration by Husband Henry was treated at home after a stroke. Merek helped and his team are still helping to get him more mobile on one side. So pleased with the service and advice. Keep going Henry you're doing great. Thanks to you all.
Michal DubielMichal Dubiel
11:25 19 Apr 24
Great service, highly recommend!!!!
james hayterjames hayter
14:46 06 Apr 24
The physiotherapy for my back pain was exceptional. The personalised approach and effective sessions have led to a significant improvement. I highly recommend their services for anyone seeking relief from back issues.
Cain HarbutCain Harbut
08:53 06 Apr 24
Highly recommend physio soton! Marek Was able to see me next day to look at an ongoing hip/groin problem. Unfortunately the ultrasound did not show any problems, however Marek referred me to an MRI scan and hopefully on track to pinpoint the issue. Marek was generous with his time in clinic and over the phone explaining the results and possible causes for pain! Overall, very professional and will definitely use again!
Gill AtkinsonGill Atkinson
14:54 04 Apr 24
Highly recommended. Marek kindly saw me at short notice with a severe knee problem. Ultrasound was so useful and helped identify the issues. Follow up physio session was great, very robust, and felt very effective. Will be returning for sure.
Jack AndersonJack Anderson
09:57 04 Apr 24
Have broken my ankle. Came to see Marek to have a further scan on it to make sure it is all okay and healing. Also had hands on therapy which has helped massively. I have booked plenty more session and will have regular scans to make sure I’m healing well!
22:39 02 Apr 24
I would highly recommend visiting Physio-Soton if you have a back problems. Best deep tissue massage with immediate effect. Professional, friendly and very accomodating service. 5*
nigel palmernigel palmer
08:48 29 Mar 24
I have a long standing back problem with I manage by regular physio / massage and would thoroughly recommend both Marek and Piotr they are first class. Very convenient and easy to get to .Nigel
Jacek MajcherJacek Majcher
08:51 26 Mar 24
Highly recommended. Both Marek and Piotr are professionals and delivered top quality treatment for my fatigued back. Thank you!
07:24 25 Mar 24
Happy to recommend this place as always very professional and knowledgeable.My concern is back pain is healed after 1 session and experiencing no more issues for long time after the massage there5 stars
Luk WalLuk Wal
15:51 24 Mar 24
I had problem with my lower back for age's.Just after first sesion the most of my pain gone.In my opinion Piotr is the best in the business!Highly recommend that guy!
George ZalewskiGeorge Zalewski
17:28 23 Mar 24
Today I visited a clinic because I had a problem with back pain. Piotr helped me a lot; he definitely has a God-given gift to realign displaced bones. His massage was strong and quite effective, and immediately after the treatment, I felt better. It will surely take a few days for everything to return to normal. Many thanks. I highly recommend him.God bless.
Paweł GrądowyPaweł Grądowy
09:50 23 Mar 24
I had problem with my knee and they scanned it for me and provided diagnosis.thank you guys!
Dorota KaszaDorota Kasza
22:34 26 Feb 24
I visited the clinic today with my husband. We both received a very professional and efficient service. Marek & Piotr are very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend them. Thank you and we are looking forward to visit this place again and again..
19:40 13 Feb 24
Great therapist and profesional care. Done x-ray as well of my husband’s knee followed by a throughout consultation. Well recommended
Cristina MireaCristina Mirea
17:02 12 Feb 24
I am so happy for the treatment,you can see there how much experience they have and are so nice with people.
Krzysiek ParszewskiKrzysiek Parszewski
16:07 12 Feb 24
I highly recommend Mr. Marek, pure professionalism, very, very effective help!
Radoslaw BuglewskiRadoslaw Buglewski
11:40 05 Feb 24
Very professional approach to the patient, quickly diagnosed. They helped me a lot. I highly recommend
carbonovy projectcarbonovy project
16:13 01 Feb 24
Had a ultrasound scan yesterday due to the ankle pain , Marek found a damaged bone structure where the ligaments attached , so I am very happy because I finally know what's going on
Jordan ClarkJordan Clark
10:46 01 Feb 24
Marek was very friendly and understanding of my needs. Found him very easily online and after each session have felt much better. Very much recommended. Thank you Marek
Susan MartinSusan Martin
13:45 30 Jan 24
Just found this lovely gentleman to help me with long standing back issue and scanned my knee with diagnostic ultrasound to tell me what’s wrong with it. This is a new clinic in Chandlers Ford and I have already made another appointment. Very knowledgable and professional. Will highly recommend to friends and family.
dawn clarkedawn clarke
17:45 29 Jan 24
I was in alot of pain with calcificTendinopathy I can not praise enough made Me feel relaxed and listen massage was amazing 😌 100% recommended
cat dcat d
19:48 19 Jan 24
Super. Very happy with the service. Had a ultrasound scan and therapy. First class!
09:02 19 Jan 24
Very professional in what he does and I couldn’t be happy with both the approach to the treatment given as well as the results that yielded from it, highly recommend for lower back and ligament pain.
Stephen CooperStephen Cooper
18:26 15 Jan 24
Excellent service from the start. Informative throughout the visit with a variety of treatment options both at the centre and they also offer a home service.
Martin MarchewkaMartin Marchewka
16:55 11 Jan 24
Ultrasound scan this afternoon on my knee. Great price and report from scan.thank you
Garry DhaliwalGarry Dhaliwal
13:17 11 Jan 24
Thank you! Had an ultrasound scan and physio today.very pleased!
Joanna AmbrozyJoanna Ambrozy
10:29 11 Jan 24
Highly recommend this place! Marek is a fully professional person, helped me with back pain. online booking is very helpful and easy to use.
Anna ZiomekAnna Ziomek
17:03 09 Jan 24
Zdzisława RichertZdzisława Richert
01:18 07 Jan 24
I recommend it 100%, Mr. Marek has healing hands. A true physiotherapist by vocation. A wonderful man and a wonderful specialist
14:57 27 Dec 23
Had an ultrasound scan and therapy today. Very pleased with the service.I have decided to continue therapy with them.
laurie smithlaurie smith
14:49 17 Dec 23
Recommend Marek, my sciatica has been reduced to nothing.
Paulina KorczPaulina Korcz
17:18 13 Dec 23
I would like to highly recommend Piotr Tracz to everyone who struggles especially with back/spine issues. A HUGE Thank you to you for taking care of my hand/wrist/arm pain lately. You are my hero!
Angel KAngel K
12:45 13 Dec 23
Piotr it’s amazing therapist! He helped me so many times with different problems.He sort my cervical and thoracic spine. I was so relieved afterwards! I recommend to go and see Piotr for 100%!
Those guys are really good. Very knowledgeable and experienced. Had issues with my knee and elbow which was sorted after couple of visits.I would highly recommend them to anybody who is looking for professionals that know what they doing.
Zoe JenningsZoe Jennings
19:49 25 Oct 23
Had my fair share of sport & deep tissue massage. Piotr really is the best masseuse I have ever visited. Professional service, clean environment & works wonders. Thank you
Mark CherrillMark Cherrill
09:16 08 Sep 23
Sought treatment from Marek on a long standing painful sciatica issue. Very professional, knowledgeable and pleasant practitioner. Made amazing progress in a just a few sessions, thanks to his expert diagnosis and treatment. Highly recommended.
Amy CrewAmy Crew
18:59 04 Sep 23
Easy to use website with excellent online booking facility.Marek is an outstanding therapist and really helped me with my shoulder issue. Would highly recommend.
Dariusz HeluszkaDariusz Heluszka
19:28 23 Aug 23
I took advantage of a free ultrasound examination of my hip joints at Soton-Physio Clinic today. The examination was carried out by the Chartered Physiotherapist and Myoskeletal Therapist Marek, who showed really professional approach to my health problem and kept me informed throughout the procedure about any pathological changes in my hip joints. Marek was very kind and approachable and I had an opportunity to discuss any potential further diagnostic and rehabilitation procedures, as well as the possibility of surgical treatment in the future - hip joint replacement.Marek's patient-centered approach and expert information provided during the procedure represent the high-quality of the medical services and personal culture of all the personnel of the Soton-Physio Service. I would like to thank very much for today's visit and I will definitely use the Soton-Physio's services again in the future if required.Many thanks again,Dariusz
Siobahn ColeSiobahn Cole
13:09 17 Aug 23
Following an injury to my neck I had been suffering with severe stiffness and pain for more than 2 months. After 3 sessions with Marek I have seen an amazing improvement which has left me almost pain free. They offer an empathetic, professional and thorough service which I would recommend to anyone.
Iza KrajewskaIza Krajewska
21:19 09 Aug 23
I went to Physio-Soton hoping to get help with plantar fciitis. I met Marek Czeladzki and Piotr Tracz there; they both deliverd superb care with high level of profesionalism. Piotr Tracz is knowledgeable, helpful, dedicated therapist who helped me with my health issues. He treated me holisticly! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing physiotherapy care. Thank you!
warren Lincolnwarren Lincoln
20:11 08 Aug 23
Marek was super helpful and the ultrasound gave me a much clearer understanding of how my knee was behaving. Highly recommend his service and will be using in the future (if needed 😉
Piotr CzerniajewPiotr Czerniajew
19:30 25 Jul 23
My wife was treated today by Piotr. She was so happy with his treatment, and stated he has "the palms of Samson and the touch of an angel". Piotr was able to help enourmously with relieving the pain in her upper and lower back. Very happy customer. Will definitely return for more treatment.
Clare HarteClare Harte
11:13 25 Jun 23
I have suffered in great pain for 7 months with a bulging disc and sciatica. Of late the pain has dissipated somewhat but still excruciating.I eventually got an NHS app but it is not until end of August so I decided to go private.I am so glad I did. Marek talked me through my condition, my pain level and gave helpful tips, exercises and excellent advice on how to relieve pain and build strength. He then gave me the most excellent physical physiotherapy session that basically made me feel better immediately. He talked me through my therapy, he listened and made me feel relaxed.The following day it’s the best I have felt since my injury. I feel for the first time positive and on the mend!I highly recommend for a personable, expert, experienced treatment. I am so very grateful. Thank you 🙏
Magda NowakMagda Nowak
18:39 31 May 23
very professional and kind person.Mr. Piotr knows exactly what he is doing. I am feeling much better after just first visit. I was not able to go to the clinic because of my severe pain so he came to see me home. I will definitely be using his services more often and hopefully my sciatica pain will go away fully in short time.
Damian CerazyDamian Cerazy
16:26 28 May 23
Excellent place - all members of staff have been polite and very helpful! Mat is a superb physio - he's given me hope for my recovery! Highly recommended!
jadwiga juraszczykjadwiga juraszczyk
13:55 25 May 23
Piotr has magic hands and is best massage therapist I ever met. Very pleased with him. He helped me so much with the buttock pain. See him, he will help you!
Steve PickenSteve Picken
12:53 04 May 23
Finding a good physio is always tricky in finding the ‘right one’. I can highly recommend this clinic and am a returning customer. Friendly, easy find, easy to book and above all, very effective in providing the range of therapies to address all needs. Steve
Mikey GreenMikey Green
12:10 07 Mar 23
Had never been to a physio before, was experiencing some high back pain, fully understood my needs and recommended a service to me, has been brilliant I feel like a new man. Highly recommend to anybody with any troubles to contact this company immediately.
Jola SzwedzinskaJola Szwedzinska
21:35 16 Feb 23
I highly recommend Marek at Physio-Soton. He was approachable and very knowledgeable when dealing with my husband lower back pain. He took the time to really understand what was causing his problems and worked up a very effective physio programme. The initial sessions and exercises to to do in home helped my husband massively. Trully honest, experienced and professional physiotherapist.
Madzia BardaśMadzia Bardaś
02:05 14 Feb 23
Marek is the best specialist I've ever met, he saved me when I was suffering. Marek has a very good approach to the patient, with a smile and optimism he accepts anyone who needs his help. Helped me with my back pain. I left with a smile on my face and no pain. He is very knowledgeable and I can tell he loves what he does. I can recommend Mr. Marek to anyone who has back pain and any other pain.
Dom DiabloDom Diablo
13:54 11 Feb 23
I would like to recommend Physio-Soton to anyone struggling with physical health. I had a session already with Marek and Piter, and I do feel like a newborn after.The service provided was very professional. Highly recommended it.
Pete LawrencePete Lawrence
16:16 30 Jan 23
Marek has worked wonders on two separate injuries (wrist and back) I picked up playing tennis.Very thorough assessment and treatment.I highly recommend him.
Eduardo OcampoEduardo Ocampo
06:40 13 Dec 22
Marek helped me out with 3 nasty injuries from work, tennis and CrossFit. Exceptional service and advise. Finally I found a physiotherapist hat I can rely on. Thanks so much for taking me out of pain.
Anna & Ronald HowieAnna & Ronald Howie
13:17 09 Dec 22
Marek has been one of my ‘secret weapons’ for much of my 15 week stay in neuro rehab in Southampton as I have relearned to walk.Each week Marek has sensed what my body needs and answered its call. In the beginning, I arrived in a wheelchair and by the end I was on two crutches, this is a no small way due to Marek’s skill, patience and range of skills.His soft tissue work is outstanding.I also saw his massage assistant who was very thorough and eased my aching muscles (from no walking I am now doing up to 4,000 steps and soon to not need crutches at all).I thoroughly recommend both
Grzegorz MichalekGrzegorz Michalek
23:35 14 Nov 22
Marek is a specialist in his field. I enjoyed the session with him.Fantastic treatment of manipulation and massage and feel great again now.Highly recommend.
Gabriela SoleckaGabriela Solecka
16:03 15 Oct 22
I highly recommend to anyone having back problems! Very professional and efficient service. Marek is great physiotherapist and he is putting a lot of effort and time in his work.
Agata PleszakAgata Pleszak
20:45 12 Oct 22
Highly recommending physio Marek. He was incredibly approachable which made me feel relaxed and more open. Marek has taken time to understand my problem and listen. The atmosphere was calming, professional, and friendly.Marek is knowledgeable and passionate. I'm very grateful that, he took second opinion in his own time and contacted me. For me, it means that, he rally cares about his patients.This is the best place and the best person if you are looking for quick and effective help.
Anna WiniarskaAnna Winiarska
21:14 03 Sep 22
Marek is the best physio I have ever met. He is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming. He has magic hands. After the sessions I could really feel the difference! I highly recommend!
Ben ClarkBen Clark
15:12 01 Sep 22
I had been struggling to find availability at a Physio around Chandlers Ford area and realised that Marek had recently moved into the area. He managed to fit me in very quickly and took time to understand the issues I had been having. I have had issues with my lower back for around a year, seeing chiropractors, and even trying accupuncture in order to help unlock it. Week on week i saw a bigger improvement after seeing Marek than i did seeing other therapists for over a year, to a point that i can say that i am almost entirely pain free at this stage, within just 1 month. A real credit to the profession and a very friendly experience from start to finish. Thank you so much for helping me.
Karina CzerniajewKarina Czerniajew
18:40 24 Aug 22
Highly recommend Marek. I had issues with my back and even after the first massage session I was feeling better.Very professional and incredibly knowledgeable.
William BirtchWilliam Birtch
10:06 02 Aug 22
Great specialist! After 1st session I started moving my neck and all pain was gone! Highly recommend if you looking for instant result!!! 5 stars
Daniel OrszakDaniel Orszak
18:26 22 Jun 22
I was very happy with aTreatment on my shoulder. I I felt Perfectly Take Care of From The moment I came in to The moment I left. Really nice place and fantastic staff. Highly recomended A+.
Michał GruszczykMichał Gruszczyk
18:37 25 May 22
I can def. recommend to others. I have booked a total of 5 sessions with them. Very please with the quality of service they provide.
Neil KennyNeil Kenny
12:02 15 Apr 22
Just had my back unlocked by Marek after a sports injury, fantastic treatment of manipulation and massage a very worth while hour and feel great again now. I would highly recommend going for your back MOT at least once a year, in the long term you will have a stronger back. Thanks Again N.
Gojart CenajGojart Cenaj
20:34 03 Mar 22
A great service for a great price. I went with back and shoulder pain. After three sessions it has made such a big difference. I would highly recommend this service to anyone. Will be using again in the future when needed.
Jarek ChrzanowskiJarek Chrzanowski
21:43 16 Jan 22
Very good service. Marek is a knowledgeable and inspirational guy. Nice to chat with him. His session on my back was much longer comper to the other physiotherapists. He is putting more effort in what he's doing. Highly recommended.
DMZ Group UKDMZ Group UK
19:14 21 Dec 21
Very good service. Came to my house, 1-2-1 , was very safe with ppe (covid), professional equipment. Would recommend.
Ewelina NowikowskaEwelina Nowikowska
13:00 16 Nov 21
Marek is a specialist in his field. I enjoyed the chiropractic session with him and I was amazed how my body can readjust with a few simple movements of the spine. Highly recommend.
Kuba kazberukKuba kazberuk
18:41 11 Sep 21
I’ve recently completed a lower extremities therapeutic massage course with Marek.Good atmosphere at the course, wise and friendly teacher. Fully enjoyed my time.I’m hoping to go back soon and do another course 👍
Jaroslaw OlszewskiJaroslaw Olszewski
19:04 28 Jun 21
Amazing and professional physio. Very pleased with the service!

About Marek


Marek is a Chartered Physiotherapist based in Southampton. In 2023 he completed postgraduate studies in medical ultrasound at the AECC in Bournemouth and qualified as a musculoskeletal sonographer. 

In 2020, he also qualified as a Master Myoskeletal Therapist.

He is a member of the Health Care Professions Council, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, British Medical Ultrasound Society, and AGILE

He specializes in treating patients with musculoskeletal conditions (i.e. back pain) and providing community, physiotherapy programs.




Between 2008 and 2021, Marek gained valuable NHS experience in community rehabilitation,  oncology, neurodegenerative diseases, and Mental Health.

Over the years, his practice has developed an excellent reputation with 5-star Google reviews.

His physiotherapy service is available to patients in Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh and Southampton.




  • Independent Prescribing – Huddersfield University – Current Studies

  • Internship with radiologist, Prof. Saulius Rutkauskas – Kaunas, Lithuania

  • PG Cert in Medical Ultrasound – AECC, Bournemouth

  • MSK Ultrasound – JCA Seminars – Cambridge, UK

  • Advanced MSK Ultrasound – Brunel University, UK

  • Introduction to MSK Ultrasound – Brunel University, UK

  • Private tuition with Prof. Laurie Hartman, Osteopath – Norfolk, UK

  • STarT Back – stratified care for back pain, Keele University, UK

  • CranioSacral Therapy – CST1 – Upledger Institute, Brighton

  • Life Stretch – Certified Instructor – The Stretch to Win Institute (USA)

  • Master Mayoskeletal Therapist (MMT) – Freedom From Pain Institute (USA)

  • Posture, Pain, Performance – with Dr Erik Dalton, Freedom From Pain Institute (USA)

  • Technique Tour – with Dr Erik Dalton, Freedom From Pain Institute (USA)

  • Abdomen, Spine and Pelvis – with Aubrey Gowing, University College of Osteopathy, London

  • The Athletic Shoulder – with Dr Ian Horsley, Lymington

  • Shoulder, Arm and Hand – Mayoskeletal Techniques with Dr Erik Dalton, Freedom From Pain Institute (USA)

See full list
  • Advanced Myofascial Techniques and Myoskeletal Alignment for the Shoulder, Neck & Head – with Aubrey Gowing and Til Luchau, Mullingar (Ireland)

  • Ribs, thorax, abdomen and peripheries – Osteopathic approach in pregnancy- with Miranda Clayton, London School of Osteopathy

  • Motion is Lotion – Mayoskeletal Techniques with Dr Erik Dalton, Freedom From Pain Institute (USA)

  • Mayoskeletal Alignment Techniques with Aubrey Gowing, University College of Osteopathy, London

  • Treating Trapped Nerves (MAT) with Dr Erik Dalton, Freedom From Pain Institute (USA)

  • Dynamic Lower Body, Low Back, Hip and Leg Pain  with Dr Erik Dalton, Freedom From Pain Institute (USA)

  • Clinical Applications Day with Miranda Claytion, London School of Osteopathy

  • Lumbar Spine Imaging with Chris Mercer, London

  • The Knee – Advanced Practice Course – with Jessica Gent, MACP, BMI Hospital, Guildford

  • The Art. of MAT (Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques) with Dr Erik Dalton and Paul Kelly, Freedom From Pain Institute (USA)

  • Treating Shock, Trauma and Birth Interventions with Miranda Clayton, London School of Osteopathy

  • Postpartum Mum – treating the postnatal patient with Miranda Clayton, London School of Osteopathy

  • Treating Feeding & Digestive Disorders in the Newborn & Baby with Miranda Clayton, London School of Osteopathy

  • Upper Body – Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT) with Erik Dalton, Freedom from Pain Institute

  • The Spinal Care Revolution with Prof. Eyal Lederman, London

  • Treating the Pregnant Patient with Miranda Clayton, London School of Osteopathy

  • Harmonic Technique – Prof. Eyal Lederman, London

  • Physiotherapy Management of Temporomandibular Disorders – ACPTMD -Wymondham, Norfolk

  • Certificate Course in Medical Acupuncture – OMT Training – Cambridge

  • Anterior Knee Pain – Dr Lee Herrington- Lymington

  • Mulligan Manual Therapy Concept – Part C – Thomas Mitchell – Sheffield

  • Mulligan Manual Therapy Concept – Part B – Thomas Mitchell – Exeter

  • MSK Physiotherapy Upper Limb – Dr Dean Philips – Lyndhurst

  • Diploma in Osteopathic Articulation – OMT – London

  • Mobilization of the Neuroimmune system – Timothy Beams (NOI) – Croydon

  • Spinal Manipulation – John Gibbons – Oxford University Sport

  • Mulligan Manual Therapy Concept – Part A – Thomas Mitchell- Exeter

  • Advanced Soft Tissue Technique Master-Class – John Gibbons -Oxford

  • Know Pain – Dr Mike Stuart – Lymington

  • The Shoulder  Complex does not have to be complicated– Adam Meakins – Dartford

  • MSK Course: Neck and upper thoracic spine – Dr Dean Phillips – Lyndhurst

  • The Complete Spinal Manipulation – Impulse Physio – Bath

  • Lower Limb Tendinopathy – Dr Seth O’Neil – Lymington

  • Therapeutic Massage – Dr Jacek Lewandowski – Poznan, Poland

  • MSc  Physiotherapy – AWF Poznan, Poland   


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